What is Natural Hair?

Greetings, Natural Hair Hype Community! Let’s begin at the beginning. While everyone seems to have a different definition of natural hair, for the purpose of this blog, the phrase is used to describe the following:

Natural Hair– Hair that remains unprocessed and true to its texture no matter how long, short, curly, straight, or kinky. While many argue that those who use dyes of even extensions are not staying true to the natural hair community, for the sake of this blog, we argue that natural hair is more about embracing the curly, kinky textured hair that has been long since considered unattractive or undesirable by mainstream society.

On the flip side, being a Naturalista is a lot of work. While the movement is certainly imperative to Black and Brown communities worldwide, it is still a new movement that is being built from the ground up. There are not hard and fast rules to become a fierce Naturalista, but that’s why we’re here! We will be exploring the movement as it expands and evolves so that you, Naturalista, can decide for yourself whether or not you believe the Hype!


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