The Ins and Outs of a Well-Defined Twist Out


One of the most beloved styles of Naturalistas of all kinds, a twist out, or a style achieved by adding products, twisting your hair up, and removing the twists in order to achieve well-defined curls and crimps that pop, is considered a go-to style for women from all walks of life. Although every Naturalista is different, achieving a gorgeous, well-defined twist out doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. The following is an overview of some awesome tips to help you achieve the perfect twists out every time.


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One of the top ways to achieve a well-defined twist out it to make sure you start with freshly washed hair that is moisturized. No matter if you use shea butter, coconut oil, or some mixture of your faves, keeping your hair moisturized is one of the most vital elements to achieving a well-defined twist out.

Curl Creams


In addition to that, adding in a curl cream will help to define your natural tresses as well as add some volume to your hair. Being careful not to overdo it, after you have massaged your hair and scalp with your fave oil, add in a curl cream in order to achieve more well-defined tresses.



Next, adding in a natural hair-friendly hair gel it a great way to control frizz and tame frizziness and other issues that prevent awesome twist outs. We will go more into depth in terms of which products we love in future posts. However, we are still testing out a few products. Either way, there is an array of gels on the market that are perfect for natural hair. Moreover, some women even use gels not made specifically for natural hair. Although this is not always advisable, depending on your hair texture and resources, some such gels also work great on natural hair. Nevertheless, be mindful of toxic and drying ingredients such as alcohol.

Twist Method


Perhaps the most important element of achieving a well-defined twist out, the method you use to twist your hair makes a world of difference. You can do single or flat twists, twist them to the front, back or side, you can do small or fat twists, you can do them with two or three strands, you can pin them down to dry (in the case of shorter hair, this is an excellent idea), let them air dry, use a blow dryer, or tie them down with a scarf to dry. You can also leave the ends loose or use rollers, perm rods, or other rollers. It’s important to experiment and see what works for your hair type, length, as well as the overall look you are going for. Moreover, no matter what twist method you use, be sure to do them as tight, neat, and uniform as possible.

Clip Your Ends


Fairly self-explanatory, in order to have a great looking and well-defined twist out, you will want to have your ends clip (or clip them yourself) in order to avoid frizziness on the ends of your hair.

Hair Accessories


Lastly, throw in a bow, flower reef, single flower, headband, or any other accessory to make this style fun and unique at the very same time.


Now that you’ve gotten our tips, take a look at some of these awesome tutorials!


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