7 Poppin’ Natural Styles for Fall

Greetings, Natural Hair Hypers! If you’re anything like me, your summer just flew by! A time to put away those bikinis and pull out those heavy wool trenches, if you are switching your style up for the cooler months, then why not your hair?! Most Naturalistas (especially us) just love the autumn as things cool down and you know longer need to worry about the ridiculous humidity or the sun beaming down on your natural skull. Nevertheless, what will you do with your hair for the next few months?! Relax, we’ve got you covered. Check out 7 of our top natural hairstyle choices for fall!

Bantu Knots


So, in case you’re new to NHH, we LOVE Bantu knots! A great way to get in touch with your roots while rocking a fabulously edgy style that promotes hair growth, Bantu knots are an ancient style with powerful origins. You can make them big small, with short hair or with long hair, on natural hair or permed hair, on healthy hair or hair that has been damaged. And for thicker and longer lasting Bantus, you can even ass extensions! The style lasts for days and you can untwist them and turn them into another style when you’re done! Moreover, they also look great with some of your favorite hair accessories! What’s not to love?!

Jumbo Braids


For those who prefer a little length added to their tresses, jumbo braids are an excellent style for fall! Achieved by installing thick sections of synthetic extensions and braiding them into singles, this hairstyle is simple to achieve, yet is highly time consuming. Especially in the case of a beginner, this is a style that can take hours or even days to complete. Therefore, be sure that you have the time set aside before attempting this style on your own. Either way, this style is super cute and can be styled in wide variety of ways!

Perm Rod Set


Yet another one of our faves, the perm rod set is a fun, flirty style that lasts for a few days. Achieved by parting your hair into small sections and wrapping each individual section around a perm rod, the perm rod set is fairly simple to install, yet can be difficult to master. This is largely due to the fact that everyone’s hair texture is different. Therefore, figuring out which products will make your perm rod set pop can be a bit puzzling. Nevertheless, some of the best products to use universally are curls creams, some sort of gel, as well as an oil for moisture.

Crochet, Crochet


Next up, crochet styles are a fun, easy, and fairly low maintenance way to switch up your look on a moment’s notice. You can do jumbo braids, curly hair, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Achieved by installing the extensions via a crochet needle, this style is fairly quick to execute and easy to keep up. Perfect for fall, crochet styles are protective and allow your hair to rest after the damage done by the extreme summer heat.

Chunky Twists


In addition to that, chunky twists are a fun and easy style that can last for many days as well. Achieved by parting your hair into medium to large sized sections, sectioning that area into 2 parts, and twisting the sections together, chunky twists last a long time and are the perquisite to a fab twist out!

Twisted Up-do


A great style for those who work in a more professional atmosphere, twisted up-do’s, are sophisticated and fun at once. With an array of ways to achieve this due, the important thing to remember is that your are flat twisting your hair into a style that can be pinned up or put into a ponytail.


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Lastly, #supportthepuff by rocking your Afro in all its splendor! In case you are unaware of the movement (article coming soon), it was started to support an array of young girls who have recently been booted from class due to rocking their own gorgeous, natural Afros! This makes this style more important than ever as it’s not just about looking fab, it’s about making a statement and taking a stand! No matter if it’s a curly fro, blow out, twist out, or any such style, the important thing to remember is to make it as big and fabulous mane that makes everyone gawk in amazement!


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