Top 5 ‘Bad Hair Day’ Accessories for Autumn

Greetings, Natural Hair Hypers! With that cooler fall weather just chilling on the horizon, it’s pretty safe to say that your wash and go styles will also soon need to be put to rest. So, what can you do to spruce up your do on those unfortunate “bad hair” days?! Relax. The following is a closer look at NHH’s top 5 Autumn!



A trend that has once again taken center stage, head wraps have been all the rage in recent years. For those who are yet unfamiliar, headwraps are a unisex option with roots in Africa, India, parts of Asia, and many other areas. Moreover, with an entirely new generation of designer dueling this trend, Naturalistas now have their pick of a vast array of headwraps. Everything from bold retro prints to tradition African ones, you can literally find a headwrap to match every outfit in your closet! Great for the office, upscale, or even casual events, the head wrap is your go-to hair accessory for various times of year, especially fall! Check out some of our fave “how to tie a headwrap”  tutorials on Youtube below!

Beanie Hats 


If you’re into something a little less flashy, beanie hats may be the way to go. Cute, casual, and a great cure for a cold head, these are great for running errands, casual nights out, and on any day you just want to be cute and comfy. The can be worn in the fall, winter, spring, and even on cool summer nights. Moreover, they come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and prints making this a great option for men and women of all ages. 


Similar to head wraps, scarves are versatile hair accessories that can be dressed up or down at will. However, scarves are more shapeless as they can also be worn around the neck, waist, as a vest, or even as a duster, among other things. Nevertheless, they are also great hair accessories as they allow you to cover all or part of your head at will. 



Next, turbans are another unisex option that look fab with an added cultural flair. Also able to be dressed up or down, turbans can be paired with your fave outfit regardless of color or occasion. You can cover your full head, or just the outer rim of it, it’s up to you. Moreover, there are more casual ones for things such as exercising and errands or fancy ones for the office or upscale occasions. 



Lastly, headbands are a great accessory for Naturalistas from all walks of life. Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, these are a fun way to switch up your look as well as pull those wild natural tresses out of your face. Great for a vast array of occasions, this is a good accessory to stockpile as you never know when you’ll need a good headband! 

Now that you’ve seen our picks for fall hair accessories, what are yours?! Try some of ours or leave suggestions below! 


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