6 Reasons to Make 2 Strand Twists Your Go-To Style for Fall

Don’t let the weather fool you, fall is right around the corner! A time to embrace the changes in weather as well as in life, the fall is a great time to switch up your decor, clothes, and of course, your do! Well, with hundreds or even thousands of styles to try, how do you narrow it down? That can be tricky! While NHH is certainly not here to tell you what to do, we can give you a few ideas in terms of what you should try. Speaking of which, check out 6 reasons why you should make 2-strand-twists your go-to style for fall!


One of the top reasons you should make 2-strand-twists your go-to style for the fall is because they are a protective style. If you’re like the rest of the NHH community, you spent your summer trying all types of fun and wild things. Well, given that the weather is growing colder, you need to protect your hair from this weather as well. 2-strand-twists are a simple style that can help to protect your hair from a wide variety of elements while looking fab as ever! 


In addition to that, 2-strand-twists also promote growth. This is due to the fact that they keep the hair in the stretched position all while allowing it to rest and hide from potentially harmful environmental and/or chemical factors. They also allow for you to go days or weeks without engaging in other acts that could potentially be harmful to your hair or scalp as well. 


Did we mention, they’re C-U-T-E?! Well, they are! With tons of styles to try out, you can literally pick a 2-strand-twist style for each and every occasion this fall. No matter if you go with singles, flat twists, an up-do, or any mixture of these, you can achieve a style that is not only lovely but also uniquely your own.


In keeping with that notion, 2-strand-twists are also very versatile! As aforementioned, there is literally a 2-strand-twist style for every occasion. Virtually as multifaceted of cornrows and other types of braids, there is no need to straighten your hair to achieve a certain look, you simply need to find a way of achieving it using twists. 


In an age in which Black and Brown girls are continuously being attacked for embracing our roots, it’s important to take a stand. Rocking 2-strand twists show that you not only embrace your hair texture but your culture as well. Similar to the #SupportThePuff movement, rocking more ethnically oriented styles is a great way to make a statement and show a sense of solidarity.


Why would you ever want to look like everyone else?! Although the Natural Hair Community continues to grow and flourish, it is still far from the norm. Rocking 2-strand twists will always ensure that you stand out, even if you’re not trying to. No matter where you work or hang out, your twists will do the talking for you, asserting, “I’m natural and I love it!”

Now that you’ve gotten 5 reasons to try 2 strand twists this fall, check out some awesome tutorials on how to achieve these looks below! 


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