8 Protective Natural Styles We’re Hyped about for Winter

Although it may hurt to admit it, the winter season is right around the corner. A time in which there tends to be a drastic spike in spending on things such as purchasing new clothing and coats, the increased cost of things such as electricity and gas, and much more, the last thing most of us want to be worried about is our hair. Nevertheless, very much the nature of the beast, nobody said this Naturalista thing would be easy…we just promised it would be worth it! Rather than searching high and low for new hairdressers and/or ideas, the following is an overview of 8 natural protective styles that you are sure to love rockin’ all winter long!

Ombre Braids

Hold on to your weaves, ladies! Ombre braids are still huge this season! Essentially just long single braids created with the help of 2-toned extensions ombre braids are super cute, sexy, and can last for weeks or even months at a time. However, one must be sure to keep up with general hygiene efforts such as oiling your scalp, sleeping with a satin scarf or bonnet, and even washing them as necessary.  Lastly, taking these out may be one of the most tedious hair tasks of your life. Unless your hair is short enough to simply slip the extensions out of your hair, you can look forward to many man-hours spent on removing these beauties when you get tired of them. Keep that in mind. Check out our favorite ombre braids tutorials below!

Mini Twists

OK, so we are clearly in love with 2-strand twists! Nevertheless, mini twists is definitely a great go-to style for the winter months. Moreover, given that they do not take much effort to install and can be done on virtually any length of hair, there is nothing special required in order to achieve this style. Much like 2-strand twists in general, the way to achieve mini-twists is by simply doing exactly what you do to install average-sized 2-strand twists, only with smaller parts and smaller sections of hair being used. Preferable for winter for the same reasons we suggest ombre braids, these can last for days or even weeks with simple upkeep. What’s more, they are fairly easy to remove. Check out these awesome mini twist tutorials below!

Messy Buns 

A great style for those with longer hair (or weave), messy buns are a fun, flirty, and super easy style for the winter. Achieved by simply sweeping all of your hair into a ponytail and tucking the hair instead of leaving it loose, you can style your messy bun in any manner that you wish. Although this style is essentially only good for a day, it only takes minutes to install, so you should have no issues with achieving this style, even if you’re super pressed for time. Check out these awesome tutorials for messy buns below!

A Turban with Bangs 

All the rage in recent years, turbans are a fun way to protect your hair while also showing cultural pride. Similar to head wraps, regardless of their ethnic origins, the purpose of turbans is to show that modesty is also attractive. A great go-to for the days in which you may be running a bit late or just don’t feel like styling your own hair. Simply section off a small portion of hair in the front of your head. This hair can be pinned down, brushed forward, or you can even add a bit of curl cream to make your curls pop. A fun, easy style to achieve, check out the tutorials below for more information on how to wrap your hair in a turban!


The revolution of natural hair is here! If you weren’t aware of the fact that they now have clip-ins to match with virtually every natural hair texture, then where have you been?! Simply surf the web or visit you favorite local beauty supply store to find the best pieces to match with your own tresses. For easy install, begin on your loose, stretched natural hair and simple style and blend until it all mixes in! For more information on how to install clip ins, check out the tutorials below!

The Messy French Braid 

Yet another fun, flirty style that takes little effort to install, the messy French braid is easy to install and can actually be worn for a couple of days at a time. Best created on dried or stretched hair, this style can be installed in a matter of 5 minutes and will leave you looking fab all day long. Moreover, given that it is purposely messy, very little skill is required in order to achieve this look. For more info on messy buns, check out the tutorials below!

Marley Twists 

Next, an extension style created using Marley twist hair (which very closely resembles many natural hair textures) Marley twists are fairly easy to install and maintain. Achieved by sectioning your hair off into medium-small sized sections, wrap the extension around the section, and twist the hair all the way to the ends. Much easier than Ombre braids, these take less time to install as well as less time to remove. For more info on Marley twists, check out the tutorial below.

Faux Locs

Lastly, a fun, sexy style to totally switch up your look, faux locs are edgy and long-lasting. While they can be installed in a number of ways, one of the best is simply using faux loc extensions and crocheting them in, you can also use yarn or other methods. For more information on installing faux locs, check out these tutorials!

Overall, don’t let the winter season put a damper on your natural hair! Simply try some of these styles or maybe even create a few of your own!


5 Last-Minute DIY Diva Halloween Costumes for Naturalistas

Greetings, Naturalistas! Halloween is right around the corner. While we are well aware of the fact that many detest this holiday and want to avoid it like The Purge, we are also equally aware of the fact that many choose to use this as a day to just go out, let loose, have fun, and eat some candy! With that said, the following is an overview of 5 last-minute Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for Naturalistas.

Janelle Monae

Things You Need:

  • Long hair (or wig/ weave)
  • A pompadour style
  • Black & white suite of your choosing
  • Bowtie
  • Red Lipstick
  • Microphone (optional)

First and foremost, the natural queen of the age, Ms. Janelle Monae is a no-brainer for Naturalistas looking to have some Halloween fun. Although she has had many looks over the years, her signature look is a pompadour and some variation of a black and white suit. A great way to look comfortable, fab, and have lots of fun, don’t forget your mic in case anyone wants to see you perform!

Lauryn Hill


Things You Need:

  • Dreadlocks (or deadlock wig)
  • Baggy Clothes
  • Guitar & Mic (Optional)
  • Melanin (Recommended)

Another style icon whose look has changed over time, if you’re going to be Lauryn Hill this year, please go with the old school look complete with dreadlocks and a guitar! Although Lauryn will never not be relevant (just ask Nicki Minaj) the point of Halloween is to create a surreal experience for all. We can see Lauryn with her new style everywhere, but we may never again get a glimpse at the 90’s, more rough around the edges (pun slightly intended) version. Bring her back this Halloween!

Amber Rose


Things You Need:

  • Short Haircut
  • Sexy Clothing
  • Model Walk (Recommended)

If you’ve just done a big chop and don’t mind being a bit risque, dressing as Amber Rose will be tons of fun for you this Halloween season! All you need is a low cut (preferably dyed in a bold, bright color), your sexiest dress or romper, and shades. Moreover, if you have an equally risque bestie, you can go as Amber and Blac Chyna!

Diana Ross


Things You Need:

  • Big Hair
  • Sequin Gown
  • Too Fab Besties to be your “Supremes” (Optional)
  • Style and Grace (Recommended)

C’mon, you know you want to! The queen mother of divas never gets old! And don’t let the chosen pic fool you, muva loves her some big hair! Throw on your favorite Afro wig, find a cute ballroom gown or fab jumpsuit, (don’t forget the mic!) and have the time of your life. This is a great costume to wear anywhere, but especially to karaoke parties! Fun!

Donna Summer

Things You Need:

  • Big Hair
  • Shiny Jumpsuit
  • Chain Belt
  • Lovely Voice (Recommended)

Lastly, another 70’s diva that has never truly gotten her just do, the late Donna Summer was a glam diva goddess! No matter if you use your own hair or some big fabulous wig, the queen of disco was all about big hair and gorgeous gowns and accessories. Also, having some pipes is advisable as people will likely want you to sing “Last Dance” and you wouldn’t want to disappoint your public!

Honorable Mention: Foxy Cleopatra 

Things You Need: 

  • Huge Golden Afro
  • Big Hoop Earring
  • Gold Jumpsuit
  • Microphone

OK, so she’s technically not a “real” person. Nevertheless, Foxy Cleopatra is DIY Halloween costume maker’s dream! Super sexy with more than a touch of sass, bring your biggest attitude with you for this one. You’re gonna need it!

Now that you have our top Halloween costume picks, what are yours?