Winterizing Your Wig: Tips on The Winter Wash-n-Go

Although the cooler months can make your “effortless” tresses a bit harder to manage, that is no reason to give up on your natural hair during the winter season. Just the tip of the iceberg, for those who live in super cold climates, doing a wash-n-go during the winter months sounds like a recipe for pneumonia. However, although there may be a few extra steps, you can still achieve a wash-n-go even in the dead of winter. Interested? Keep reading.

Hair Dryers

Although it seems counter intuitive, dryers are actually the key to winterizing your wash-n-go. By simply getting up a bit early and allowing yourself approximately 30 minutes of time under your hooded dryer, your hair will be dry enough to safely leave your home. However, for those who have longer or thicker hair, be sure to pat your hair dry with a towel thoroughly before applying products and sitting under the dryer.

Deep Conditioning 

Next, given that the winter months can be very drying to your tresses, including a deep conditioning treatment as a part of your hair care regimen, will not only help to protect your hair from drying and breakage, but it will also help your curls pop and appear more defined.

Curl Creams 

One of the most imperative products to achieving the winter wash-n-go is a good curl cream. A great way to make your curls pop and last longer, be sure to use a curl cream as one of your primary products when trying to achieve this style.

Hats, Scarves, and the Like

If you are going to be leaving your home with your hair a bit damp, wrapping your head in a scarf and covering it with a hat is your best bet. This will not only help to extract excess moisture, but it will also help to smooth areas such as your edges. Once you arrive at your destination, simply excuse yourself to the bathroom, remove your hat and scarf, and style as desired.

Headbands, Scarves, Turbans, Etc.


Lastly, if you are struggling in terms of how to style your wash-n-go, headbands, scarves, turbans, bows, and other hair accessories are an easy shortcut. Simply grab one of your favorite hair accessories and style as desired. Moreover, keep in mind that a wash-n-go can last multiple days if you are taking care of it, and keeping it tied up at night.

Overall, don’t let the winter ruin your wash-n-go game. Follow these tips and tricks and you will still be able to achieve this fab and easy style, all year round!