5 Unisex Hairstyles Perfect for Men and Women

Greetings, Hair Hypers! I know it’s been a while since I made a post. (My apologies!) But I have been taking some personal time and reflecting on my thoughts and views of the concept of “natural hair” as a whole. As this movement continues to gain momentum, we are constantly faced with new issues and challenges. For instance, where do our men and boys fit in with regards to the whole natural hair hype? Well, can we really ignore the fact that our men and boys also exist in a society that may have convinced them straightening their hair made them appear more attractive? Well, we can…but should we? No. Nevertheless, it does seem that our men are being lost in the natural hair hype.

Of course, we want our boys and men to be natural and embrace their natural selves. Moreover, given that the gender lines are more blurred than ever, there are so many exciting things for boys and young men to with their hair these days. The following is a closer look at 5 of my personal faves.

5. Buns

First of all, a super sweet style for people of all ages, who doesn’t love a bun?! Low maintenance and amazing, the messy bun is a great option for men and women on the go. Although males typically call theirs “man buns”, it’s all the same thing. To achieve this style, simply gather all of your hair in the middle of your head, brush is gently around the edges, and secure the hair with an elastic band of your choice. This style doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s part of the fun. How do you rock your messy bun?!

4. Two-Strand Twists

Next, although they are not commonly thought to be a style for men, two-strand twists are a popular style for young men and boys. Achieved by parting the hair into smaller sections, separating the sections into two, and twisting the sections around each other, this style is fairly simple to install and lasts days or even weeks at a time. The main difference between men and women rocking this style is that boys typically let these go wild while girls and women usually where them more tamed (though, that is not always the case). Moreover, women protect them with scarves (whereas men typically use do-rags), and you can even turn your dreadlocks into twists as well! Either way, this is a great unisex style for all!

3. Twist Outs

Moreover, twist outs are a style that occurs in two parts. First, you rock two-strand twists for anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks. Then you take the twists out and rock a lovely crinkly fro for a few days. Super fun and versatile. Both men and women look excellent in this style. For more info about twist-outs, click here!

2. Afro

“I like my baby’s hair with baby hair and Afros!” Does this style even need an introduction? The Afro has been around for ages and continues to be reinvented with every new generation. These days, they’re big, bold, and often contain color. Excellent for men, women, boys, and girls. How do you rock your fro?!

1. Asymmetrical Cut

Lastly, an asymmetrical cut is the wave of the future with regards to natural hair. With endless possibilities, each person is able to make this do their own. All it takes is some courage, a bit of imagination, oh, and some hair. However, be forewarned, the quality of your cut will largely depend on the level of skill your barber or stylist possess. You may want to see some (a lot!) of their work before allowing them to cut your hair. Lest, you endure your first (or another) big chop!

Well, those are my top picks for unisex natural styles. Do you have any others?! Feel free to comment below!


5 Last-Minute DIY Diva Halloween Costumes for Naturalistas

Greetings, Naturalistas! Halloween is right around the corner. While we are well aware of the fact that many detest this holiday and want to avoid it like The Purge, we are also equally aware of the fact that many choose to use this as a day to just go out, let loose, have fun, and eat some candy! With that said, the following is an overview of 5 last-minute Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for Naturalistas.

Janelle Monae

Things You Need:

  • Long hair (or wig/ weave)
  • A pompadour style
  • Black & white suite of your choosing
  • Bowtie
  • Red Lipstick
  • Microphone (optional)

First and foremost, the natural queen of the age, Ms. Janelle Monae is a no-brainer for Naturalistas looking to have some Halloween fun. Although she has had many looks over the years, her signature look is a pompadour and some variation of a black and white suit. A great way to look comfortable, fab, and have lots of fun, don’t forget your mic in case anyone wants to see you perform!

Lauryn Hill


Things You Need:

  • Dreadlocks (or deadlock wig)
  • Baggy Clothes
  • Guitar & Mic (Optional)
  • Melanin (Recommended)

Another style icon whose look has changed over time, if you’re going to be Lauryn Hill this year, please go with the old school look complete with dreadlocks and a guitar! Although Lauryn will never not be relevant (just ask Nicki Minaj) the point of Halloween is to create a surreal experience for all. We can see Lauryn with her new style everywhere, but we may never again get a glimpse at the 90’s, more rough around the edges (pun slightly intended) version. Bring her back this Halloween!

Amber Rose


Things You Need:

  • Short Haircut
  • Sexy Clothing
  • Model Walk (Recommended)

If you’ve just done a big chop and don’t mind being a bit risque, dressing as Amber Rose will be tons of fun for you this Halloween season! All you need is a low cut (preferably dyed in a bold, bright color), your sexiest dress or romper, and shades. Moreover, if you have an equally risque bestie, you can go as Amber and Blac Chyna!

Diana Ross


Things You Need:

  • Big Hair
  • Sequin Gown
  • Too Fab Besties to be your “Supremes” (Optional)
  • Style and Grace (Recommended)

C’mon, you know you want to! The queen mother of divas never gets old! And don’t let the chosen pic fool you, muva loves her some big hair! Throw on your favorite Afro wig, find a cute ballroom gown or fab jumpsuit, (don’t forget the mic!) and have the time of your life. This is a great costume to wear anywhere, but especially to karaoke parties! Fun!

Donna Summer

Things You Need:

  • Big Hair
  • Shiny Jumpsuit
  • Chain Belt
  • Lovely Voice (Recommended)

Lastly, another 70’s diva that has never truly gotten her just do, the late Donna Summer was a glam diva goddess! No matter if you use your own hair or some big fabulous wig, the queen of disco was all about big hair and gorgeous gowns and accessories. Also, having some pipes is advisable as people will likely want you to sing “Last Dance” and you wouldn’t want to disappoint your public!

Honorable Mention: Foxy Cleopatra 

Things You Need: 

  • Huge Golden Afro
  • Big Hoop Earring
  • Gold Jumpsuit
  • Microphone

OK, so she’s technically not a “real” person. Nevertheless, Foxy Cleopatra is DIY Halloween costume maker’s dream! Super sexy with more than a touch of sass, bring your biggest attitude with you for this one. You’re gonna need it!

Now that you have our top Halloween costume picks, what are yours?

Top 5 ‘Bad Hair Day’ Accessories for Autumn

Greetings, Natural Hair Hypers! With that cooler fall weather just chilling on the horizon, it’s pretty safe to say that your wash and go styles will also soon need to be put to rest. So, what can you do to spruce up your do on those unfortunate “bad hair” days?! Relax. The following is a closer look at NHH’s top 5 Autumn!



A trend that has once again taken center stage, head wraps have been all the rage in recent years. For those who are yet unfamiliar, headwraps are a unisex option with roots in Africa, India, parts of Asia, and many other areas. Moreover, with an entirely new generation of designer dueling this trend, Naturalistas now have their pick of a vast array of headwraps. Everything from bold retro prints to tradition African ones, you can literally find a headwrap to match every outfit in your closet! Great for the office, upscale, or even casual events, the head wrap is your go-to hair accessory for various times of year, especially fall! Check out some of our fave “how to tie a headwrap”  tutorials on Youtube below!

Beanie Hats 


If you’re into something a little less flashy, beanie hats may be the way to go. Cute, casual, and a great cure for a cold head, these are great for running errands, casual nights out, and on any day you just want to be cute and comfy. The can be worn in the fall, winter, spring, and even on cool summer nights. Moreover, they come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and prints making this a great option for men and women of all ages. 


Similar to head wraps, scarves are versatile hair accessories that can be dressed up or down at will. However, scarves are more shapeless as they can also be worn around the neck, waist, as a vest, or even as a duster, among other things. Nevertheless, they are also great hair accessories as they allow you to cover all or part of your head at will. 



Next, turbans are another unisex option that look fab with an added cultural flair. Also able to be dressed up or down, turbans can be paired with your fave outfit regardless of color or occasion. You can cover your full head, or just the outer rim of it, it’s up to you. Moreover, there are more casual ones for things such as exercising and errands or fancy ones for the office or upscale occasions. 



Lastly, headbands are a great accessory for Naturalistas from all walks of life. Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, these are a fun way to switch up your look as well as pull those wild natural tresses out of your face. Great for a vast array of occasions, this is a good accessory to stockpile as you never know when you’ll need a good headband! 

Now that you’ve seen our picks for fall hair accessories, what are yours?! Try some of ours or leave suggestions below! 

7 Poppin’ Natural Styles for Fall

Greetings, Natural Hair Hypers! If you’re anything like me, your summer just flew by! A time to put away those bikinis and pull out those heavy wool trenches, if you are switching your style up for the cooler months, then why not your hair?! Most Naturalistas (especially us) just love the autumn as things cool down and you know longer need to worry about the ridiculous humidity or the sun beaming down on your natural skull. Nevertheless, what will you do with your hair for the next few months?! Relax, we’ve got you covered. Check out 7 of our top natural hairstyle choices for fall!

Bantu Knots


So, in case you’re new to NHH, we LOVE Bantu knots! A great way to get in touch with your roots while rocking a fabulously edgy style that promotes hair growth, Bantu knots are an ancient style with powerful origins. You can make them big small, with short hair or with long hair, on natural hair or permed hair, on healthy hair or hair that has been damaged. And for thicker and longer lasting Bantus, you can even ass extensions! The style lasts for days and you can untwist them and turn them into another style when you’re done! Moreover, they also look great with some of your favorite hair accessories! What’s not to love?!

Jumbo Braids


For those who prefer a little length added to their tresses, jumbo braids are an excellent style for fall! Achieved by installing thick sections of synthetic extensions and braiding them into singles, this hairstyle is simple to achieve, yet is highly time consuming. Especially in the case of a beginner, this is a style that can take hours or even days to complete. Therefore, be sure that you have the time set aside before attempting this style on your own. Either way, this style is super cute and can be styled in wide variety of ways!

Perm Rod Set


Yet another one of our faves, the perm rod set is a fun, flirty style that lasts for a few days. Achieved by parting your hair into small sections and wrapping each individual section around a perm rod, the perm rod set is fairly simple to install, yet can be difficult to master. This is largely due to the fact that everyone’s hair texture is different. Therefore, figuring out which products will make your perm rod set pop can be a bit puzzling. Nevertheless, some of the best products to use universally are curls creams, some sort of gel, as well as an oil for moisture.

Crochet, Crochet


Next up, crochet styles are a fun, easy, and fairly low maintenance way to switch up your look on a moment’s notice. You can do jumbo braids, curly hair, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Achieved by installing the extensions via a crochet needle, this style is fairly quick to execute and easy to keep up. Perfect for fall, crochet styles are protective and allow your hair to rest after the damage done by the extreme summer heat.

Chunky Twists


In addition to that, chunky twists are a fun and easy style that can last for many days as well. Achieved by parting your hair into medium to large sized sections, sectioning that area into 2 parts, and twisting the sections together, chunky twists last a long time and are the perquisite to a fab twist out!

Twisted Up-do


A great style for those who work in a more professional atmosphere, twisted up-do’s, are sophisticated and fun at once. With an array of ways to achieve this due, the important thing to remember is that your are flat twisting your hair into a style that can be pinned up or put into a ponytail.


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Lastly, #supportthepuff by rocking your Afro in all its splendor! In case you are unaware of the movement (article coming soon), it was started to support an array of young girls who have recently been booted from class due to rocking their own gorgeous, natural Afros! This makes this style more important than ever as it’s not just about looking fab, it’s about making a statement and taking a stand! No matter if it’s a curly fro, blow out, twist out, or any such style, the important thing to remember is to make it as big and fabulous mane that makes everyone gawk in amazement!

The Ins and Outs of a Well-Defined Twist Out


One of the most beloved styles of Naturalistas of all kinds, a twist out, or a style achieved by adding products, twisting your hair up, and removing the twists in order to achieve well-defined curls and crimps that pop, is considered a go-to style for women from all walks of life. Although every Naturalista is different, achieving a gorgeous, well-defined twist out doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. The following is an overview of some awesome tips to help you achieve the perfect twists out every time.


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One of the top ways to achieve a well-defined twist out it to make sure you start with freshly washed hair that is moisturized. No matter if you use shea butter, coconut oil, or some mixture of your faves, keeping your hair moisturized is one of the most vital elements to achieving a well-defined twist out.

Curl Creams


In addition to that, adding in a curl cream will help to define your natural tresses as well as add some volume to your hair. Being careful not to overdo it, after you have massaged your hair and scalp with your fave oil, add in a curl cream in order to achieve more well-defined tresses.



Next, adding in a natural hair-friendly hair gel it a great way to control frizz and tame frizziness and other issues that prevent awesome twist outs. We will go more into depth in terms of which products we love in future posts. However, we are still testing out a few products. Either way, there is an array of gels on the market that are perfect for natural hair. Moreover, some women even use gels not made specifically for natural hair. Although this is not always advisable, depending on your hair texture and resources, some such gels also work great on natural hair. Nevertheless, be mindful of toxic and drying ingredients such as alcohol.

Twist Method


Perhaps the most important element of achieving a well-defined twist out, the method you use to twist your hair makes a world of difference. You can do single or flat twists, twist them to the front, back or side, you can do small or fat twists, you can do them with two or three strands, you can pin them down to dry (in the case of shorter hair, this is an excellent idea), let them air dry, use a blow dryer, or tie them down with a scarf to dry. You can also leave the ends loose or use rollers, perm rods, or other rollers. It’s important to experiment and see what works for your hair type, length, as well as the overall look you are going for. Moreover, no matter what twist method you use, be sure to do them as tight, neat, and uniform as possible.

Clip Your Ends


Fairly self-explanatory, in order to have a great looking and well-defined twist out, you will want to have your ends clip (or clip them yourself) in order to avoid frizziness on the ends of your hair.

Hair Accessories


Lastly, throw in a bow, flower reef, single flower, headband, or any other accessory to make this style fun and unique at the very same time.


Now that you’ve gotten our tips, take a look at some of these awesome tutorials!

Cornrows or Boxer Braids: Is there a Difference?

For those who may not be constantly entrenched in pop culture, issues such as these may go over your natural little head. Nevertheless, a new trend has just emerged on the hair scene. Nicknamed “boxer braids” (presumably because athletes such as Ronda Rousey have increased their popularity in recent months), many Naturalistas are questioning what the difference between these braids and the cornrows we’ve been wearing in our hair for eons.

The Difference, In a Nutshell


There’s no difference, folks. (Besides, maybe, the hair textures and level of skin pigmentation of the majority of those who post #boxerbriads vs. #cornrows) Let’s be real here: this is cultural appropriation at its finest! Personally, it never bothers me when others decide to try African styles, however, what makes this appropriation is the fact that the true origin of this style is being whitewashed. If you’re going to wear cornrow, awesome! Give credit where it’s due, though! Black and brown women have been using this as a go-to style since forever. Stop trying to make “fetch” happen with these boxer braids, MTV UK! Kim K. looks great in them, but crediting her with making them popular is a yoga level stretch, to say the very least.

Moving Foward

Honestly, it’s hard to be a Naturalista and not appreciate the new Afrocentric trends in hair and clothing that are currently underway. Nevertheless, call it by name! If you like cornrows and want to wear cornrow, just call them…cornrows! That’s all we’re asking here. Other than that, Amanda Stenberg said it best!

Either way, with all of the new styles and trends in the world of cornrows, even we could use a refresher course. Check out our fave cornrow tutorials below!

What is Natural Hair?

Greetings, Natural Hair Hype Community! Let’s begin at the beginning. While everyone seems to have a different definition of natural hair, for the purpose of this blog, the phrase is used to describe the following:

Natural Hair– Hair that remains unprocessed and true to its texture no matter how long, short, curly, straight, or kinky. While many argue that those who use dyes of even extensions are not staying true to the natural hair community, for the sake of this blog, we argue that natural hair is more about embracing the curly, kinky textured hair that has been long since considered unattractive or undesirable by mainstream society.

On the flip side, being a Naturalista is a lot of work. While the movement is certainly imperative to Black and Brown communities worldwide, it is still a new movement that is being built from the ground up. There are not hard and fast rules to become a fierce Naturalista, but that’s why we’re here! We will be exploring the movement as it expands and evolves so that you, Naturalista, can decide for yourself whether or not you believe the Hype!