5 Unisex Hairstyles Perfect for Men and Women

Greetings, Hair Hypers! I know it’s been a while since I made a post. (My apologies!) But I have been taking some personal time and reflecting on my thoughts and views of the concept of “natural hair” as a whole. As this movement continues to gain momentum, we are constantly faced with new issues and challenges. For instance, where do our men and boys fit in with regards to the whole natural hair hype? Well, can we really ignore the fact that our men and boys also exist in a society that may have convinced them straightening their hair made them appear more attractive? Well, we can…but should we? No. Nevertheless, it does seem that our men are being lost in the natural hair hype.

Of course, we want our boys and men to be natural and embrace their natural selves. Moreover, given that the gender lines are more blurred than ever, there are so many exciting things for boys and young men to with their hair these days. The following is a closer look at 5 of my personal faves.

5. Buns

First of all, a super sweet style for people of all ages, who doesn’t love a bun?! Low maintenance and amazing, the messy bun is a great option for men and women on the go. Although males typically call theirs “man buns”, it’s all the same thing. To achieve this style, simply gather all of your hair in the middle of your head, brush is gently around the edges, and secure the hair with an elastic band of your choice. This style doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s part of the fun. How do you rock your messy bun?!

4. Two-Strand Twists

Next, although they are not commonly thought to be a style for men, two-strand twists are a popular style for young men and boys. Achieved by parting the hair into smaller sections, separating the sections into two, and twisting the sections around each other, this style is fairly simple to install and lasts days or even weeks at a time. The main difference between men and women rocking this style is that boys typically let these go wild while girls and women usually where them more tamed (though, that is not always the case). Moreover, women protect them with scarves (whereas men typically use do-rags), and you can even turn your dreadlocks into twists as well! Either way, this is a great unisex style for all!

3. Twist Outs

Moreover, twist outs are a style that occurs in two parts. First, you rock two-strand twists for anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks. Then you take the twists out and rock a lovely crinkly fro for a few days. Super fun and versatile. Both men and women look excellent in this style. For more info about twist-outs, click here!

2. Afro

“I like my baby’s hair with baby hair and Afros!” Does this style even need an introduction? The Afro has been around for ages and continues to be reinvented with every new generation. These days, they’re big, bold, and often contain color. Excellent for men, women, boys, and girls. How do you rock your fro?!

1. Asymmetrical Cut

Lastly, an asymmetrical cut is the wave of the future with regards to natural hair. With endless possibilities, each person is able to make this do their own. All it takes is some courage, a bit of imagination, oh, and some hair. However, be forewarned, the quality of your cut will largely depend on the level of skill your barber or stylist possess. You may want to see some (a lot!) of their work before allowing them to cut your hair. Lest, you endure your first (or another) big chop!

Well, those are my top picks for unisex natural styles. Do you have any others?! Feel free to comment below!


Winterizing Your Wig: Tips on The Winter Wash-n-Go

Although the cooler months can make your “effortless” tresses a bit harder to manage, that is no reason to give up on your natural hair during the winter season. Just the tip of the iceberg, for those who live in super cold climates, doing a wash-n-go during the winter months sounds like a recipe for pneumonia. However, although there may be a few extra steps, you can still achieve a wash-n-go even in the dead of winter. Interested? Keep reading.

Hair Dryers

Although it seems counter intuitive, dryers are actually the key to winterizing your wash-n-go. By simply getting up a bit early and allowing yourself approximately 30 minutes of time under your hooded dryer, your hair will be dry enough to safely leave your home. However, for those who have longer or thicker hair, be sure to pat your hair dry with a towel thoroughly before applying products and sitting under the dryer.

Deep Conditioning 

Next, given that the winter months can be very drying to your tresses, including a deep conditioning treatment as a part of your hair care regimen, will not only help to protect your hair from drying and breakage, but it will also help your curls pop and appear more defined.

Curl Creams 

One of the most imperative products to achieving the winter wash-n-go is a good curl cream. A great way to make your curls pop and last longer, be sure to use a curl cream as one of your primary products when trying to achieve this style.

Hats, Scarves, and the Like

If you are going to be leaving your home with your hair a bit damp, wrapping your head in a scarf and covering it with a hat is your best bet. This will not only help to extract excess moisture, but it will also help to smooth areas such as your edges. Once you arrive at your destination, simply excuse yourself to the bathroom, remove your hat and scarf, and style as desired.

Headbands, Scarves, Turbans, Etc.


Lastly, if you are struggling in terms of how to style your wash-n-go, headbands, scarves, turbans, bows, and other hair accessories are an easy shortcut. Simply grab one of your favorite hair accessories and style as desired. Moreover, keep in mind that a wash-n-go can last multiple days if you are taking care of it, and keeping it tied up at night.

Overall, don’t let the winter ruin your wash-n-go game. Follow these tips and tricks and you will still be able to achieve this fab and easy style, all year round!


6 Reasons to Make 2 Strand Twists Your Go-To Style for Fall

Don’t let the weather fool you, fall is right around the corner! A time to embrace the changes in weather as well as in life, the fall is a great time to switch up your decor, clothes, and of course, your do! Well, with hundreds or even thousands of styles to try, how do you narrow it down? That can be tricky! While NHH is certainly not here to tell you what to do, we can give you a few ideas in terms of what you should try. Speaking of which, check out 6 reasons why you should make 2-strand-twists your go-to style for fall!


One of the top reasons you should make 2-strand-twists your go-to style for the fall is because they are a protective style. If you’re like the rest of the NHH community, you spent your summer trying all types of fun and wild things. Well, given that the weather is growing colder, you need to protect your hair from this weather as well. 2-strand-twists are a simple style that can help to protect your hair from a wide variety of elements while looking fab as ever! 


In addition to that, 2-strand-twists also promote growth. This is due to the fact that they keep the hair in the stretched position all while allowing it to rest and hide from potentially harmful environmental and/or chemical factors. They also allow for you to go days or weeks without engaging in other acts that could potentially be harmful to your hair or scalp as well. 


Did we mention, they’re C-U-T-E?! Well, they are! With tons of styles to try out, you can literally pick a 2-strand-twist style for each and every occasion this fall. No matter if you go with singles, flat twists, an up-do, or any mixture of these, you can achieve a style that is not only lovely but also uniquely your own.


In keeping with that notion, 2-strand-twists are also very versatile! As aforementioned, there is literally a 2-strand-twist style for every occasion. Virtually as multifaceted of cornrows and other types of braids, there is no need to straighten your hair to achieve a certain look, you simply need to find a way of achieving it using twists. 


In an age in which Black and Brown girls are continuously being attacked for embracing our roots, it’s important to take a stand. Rocking 2-strand twists show that you not only embrace your hair texture but your culture as well. Similar to the #SupportThePuff movement, rocking more ethnically oriented styles is a great way to make a statement and show a sense of solidarity.


Why would you ever want to look like everyone else?! Although the Natural Hair Community continues to grow and flourish, it is still far from the norm. Rocking 2-strand twists will always ensure that you stand out, even if you’re not trying to. No matter where you work or hang out, your twists will do the talking for you, asserting, “I’m natural and I love it!”

Now that you’ve gotten 5 reasons to try 2 strand twists this fall, check out some awesome tutorials on how to achieve these looks below! 

Dreading the Truth: on the Cultural Appropriation of Dreadlocks

A natural hairstyle that consists of intentionally or unintentionally matted sculpts of roped sections of hair, dreadlocks have seemingly been around since the beginning of time. All the rage in this day and age, while dreadlocks are widely considered an Afrocentric style with profound roots steeped in culture and religion, they have also become a trendy style for people of all races and backgrounds. Nevertheless, where does cultural appropriation, come into play? That is an excellent question.

The History of Dreadlocks

A history that is still writing itself, the true origin of dreadlocks can be a bit hard to pinpoint. However, many historians assert that they have been around since as long ago as 2,500 BCE and were practiced by an array of cultures and religions. While many credit ancient Egypt with their creation, others assert that the first physical evidence of dreadlocks exists in India’s Vedic scriptures in which the deity, Shiva, is depicted sporting the style. In addition to that, dreadlocks have long since been tied to Egyptian culture as anthropologists have discovered numerous mummies with their lovely locks still intact. Either way, no matter which narrative you choose to believe, I think we can all agree that the origin of dreadlocks is ancient, indigenous, and even spiritual.

Dreadlocks in Religion


Although most people immediately think of Rastafarians as the only religion that sees dreadlocks as spiritual, this is far from the whole truth. In fact, some use textual support from the Bible, Hindu teachings, Buddhism, and much more. Either way, for many people all over the world, dreadlocks are a symbol of African heritage, resistance to oppression, and promotes the notion that hair is sacred and serves a purpose far more important than those tied to vanity-related concerns.

The New Age, Pop Culture, and Dreadlocks

Despite the initial meaning of dreadlocks, the new age has completely redefined who rocks dreadlocks as well as why. More of a fashion statement than anything else, dreadlocks are still considered anti-establishment, but that view seems to be changing as well. They are worn by people of all cultures, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and are even accompanied by partial haircuts, sharp edge-ups, and other creative styling options. Very much a popular style, those who rock dreadlocks enjoy being an individual and making a statement. Moreover, many of them aren’t even real. In addition to the yarn method, they have legit dreadlock extensions on the market. That’s right! Faux locks are a legit thing now. So, some of those locks you’re admiring might actually be fake. Indeed, at this point, literally anyone can get dreadlocks in a matter of hours. Just ask Fetty Wap.

Cultural Appropriation of Dreadlocks


Nevertheless, cultural appropriation of dreadlocks is real. How can this be? Well, given that corporate America has spent many decades trying to keep those who wear styles such as dreadlocks out of the boardrooms and positions of power, only to turn around and make exceptions when the style became popular amongst other races is infuriating to many. No, I personally am not mad at Justin Bieber anymore than I am angry at Fetty Wap. Both used to style as a quick way to switch up their look and garner attention. However, it is important to note, one of the main reasons it’s seen as cultural appropriation in Beiber’s case, if that he has often been accused of appropriating black culture in his music and has faced backlash for an old video in which a young Bieber uses the “N-Word”…complete with a hard “-ER” at the end. Nevertheless, the people I am most upset with are those who have spent many years referring to dreadlocks as “unprofessional”, “unkempt” and any other un they could utter, only to refer to them as “cool” or “edgy” when Bieber tries the style. In short, if dreadlocks are, officially, like, an American thing… I’m gonna need more Black and Brown people with dreadlocks to stop being referred to as slackers, racially profiled, and denied higher paying jobs… to start. I’m gonna need for Zendaya to not be told she “looks like she smells like weed” for rocking them on red carpets and for the world to take notice of their ancient origin and true meaning behind them.

Dreadlock Tutorials


Now that we got that out of the way, dreads are awesome! An ancient style with a new age twist, dreadlocks are officially more relevant than ever. Thinking of starting some of your own? Check out these awesome tutorials!