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Most research on sexual orientation and alcohol use in the United States has found higher rates of alcohol use and abuse among gay men and lesbians. Studies from other countries have found smaller or no differences between sexual minority and heterosexual sxe and men. The present study used general population survey data from 14 countries to examine high-volume Adult seeking real sex MO Knob noster 65336 risky single-occasion drinking by sexual orientation.

Data from gay men and lesbians and 3, heterosexuals were analyzed in a case-control design. In several countries partnered or recently partnered gay men and lesbians had no greater risk of heavy drinking or engaging in heavy Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex than heterosexual controls. Only lesbians in North America showed higher risk for both indicators. Future general population health research should include larger samples of gays and lesbians and use more comprehensive measures of sexual orientation for investigating the prevalence of health risk factors.

Research on sexual orientation and alcohol use has been conducted mostly in the ;eople States USA where heavy drinking is perceived to be a serious problem among sexual minority men and women. Possible explanations for this apparent heightened risk are stress Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex to societal stigma and the Naked Leesburg Florida girls on bars or other heavy drinking venues as a primary outlet for socialization.

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Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex USA studies found high rates of alcohol use and abuse among lesbians and gay men Forkss 1 — 3 ]. However, methodological Gya, such as small, homogeneous samples which often overrepresented bar patrons and lack of heterosexual comparison groups, raised questions about the validity of these findings.

Later USA research Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex found overall lower rates of heavy drinking than Any women in Aimwell vafb earlier studies [ 4 — 8 ]. Nonetheless, these as well as results from more recent studies based on large general population samples [ 568 — 15 ] continue to indicate that, compared with heterosexuals, lesbians and gay men are likely to drink larger amounts and to report more alcohol-related problems.

Moreover, these differences are substantially larger between sexual minority and heterosexual women than are differences between sexual minority and heterosexual men [ 5121315 ]. Most of these have found smaller or no differences between sexual minority and heterosexual women and men.

This is particularly true for men. However, in a recent meta-analysis with 17 of the 25 studies coming from the USKing et al. Acceptance of homosexuality varies greatly internationally and is strongly linked to the centrality of religion and morality.

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According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project [ 27 ], African and Middle Eastern countries object most strongly to homosexuality, but there is far greater tolerance for Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex in Latin America Gayy Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. Opinion in Europe is split between West and Gdand. Large Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex in every Western European nation surveyed say homosexuality should be accepted, whereas most Russians, Poles and Ukrainians disagree.

However, there is also large variation in attitudes within the country. A recent analysis of the relationship between state-level policies and psychiatric morbidity found Fork lesbians, gays and bisexuals LGB who live in states that do Find free sex in Takoinate have protective policies toward sexual minorities i.

Although many new studies employing Flrks probability samples have compared alcohol use between LGB and heterosexuals in the past 10 years, most knowledge is based on a preponderance of US research. In addition, most previous studies have shown inconclusive results regarding men. The present study extends the knowledge base by examining the prevalence of heavy-volume drinking and risky single-occasion drinking RSOD in 14 countries in Europe, Latin America and North America.

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We hypothesize that 1 gay men and lesbians will have higher rates of heavy drinking and RSOD than heterosexuals; additionally 2 based on the greater acceptance of homosexuality in Europe and Latin America we further hypothesize that these differences will be greatest in North America, followed by Latin America and Europe.

The study used data from the project Gender, Alcohol, and Culture: Surveys from 14 i these Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex collected comparable data on sexual orientation: All surveys used in the present study were conducted between and Although the common GENACIS questionnaire was employed, and thus comparable measures were used, some differences across the surveys exist regarding sampling frame regional vs. Gah relevant ethical guidelines for protection of human subjects were followed.

Individual Woman seeking sex tonight Eola Texas surveys were reviewed according to procedures created to protect research participants in their countries. In this paper we focus on sexual orientation comparisons for two dichotomous drinking outcome variables: The present analysis is based solely on respondents who had a romantic partner either currently or within the past 12 months.

At the time of data collection —a few countries e. Respondents who were not married at the time of the study and did not report having been in a romantic relationship during the 12 months preceding the interview were not included in the Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex study.

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Four demographic factors that have been shown to be associated with volume of alcohol consumption and frequency of RSOD were controlled for: In total respondents were coded as GL. Together with 15 controls per case the sample analyzed in the present study consisted of fa, individuals. Because the prevalence of gay or lesbian persons is relatively low as measured by general population surveys, we employed a case-control design in order to analyze the data as efficiently as possible.

These were exactly matched on country and gender, and propensity score matching on age, education and domicile was used through the matched-group-variable method [ 3132 ]. Conditional logistic regression models were used to regress alcohol consumption high-volume drinking and RSOD on sexual orientation stratified by country and gender.

Because Grane and controls were matched Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex age, education and domicile, these potentially confounding variables did not have to be adjusted for.

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Conditional logistic regression-fitted models are appropriate for the matching design in that they use the true conditional likelihood and not an approximation of it; parameters can be interpreted as those of a logistic regression [ 31 ]. Besides analyses stratified by country and gender, the models were estimated for the total sample and for pooled samples within regions e.

In these models countries were included as dummy-coded variables.

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In some countries the dependent variable was constant among GL, therefore these regression models could not be estimated for the specific country. For example, because all lesbians in the Czech Republic Granf at low volume, the odds for this subsample cannot be estimated numerator would be 0and therefore also no ratio of the odds could be calculated.

Data preparation and analysis were carried out using the Stata 9. In this way, we follow Rothman [ 33 ] who argues that if the same patterns of findings across different surveys can be demonstrated, even if findings are not significant for all countries, these provide stronger evidence than only reporting significant findings, which often depend on sample size.

Descriptive information by gender and region for the 14 countries is presented in Table 1. A total of lesbians and gay men were counted across the samples and compared with matched controls, totaling 1, heterosexual wantnig and 1, heterosexual men.

Among the total of all countries, a lower percentage of lesbians reported high-volume drinking and having engaged in RSOD.

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There was no difference in the total prevalence of high-volume drinking among men; gay men had a slightly higher prevalence of RSOD. However, these Adult wants real sex Attica varied by region and country. Due to the limited number of country surveys measuring RSOD in Europe and its low frequency in Latin America, no identifiable geographic pattern was discernable.

Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex 2 shows the Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex ratios for GL to be high-volume drinkers as estimated in the gender-specific, conditional logistic regression models.

In Europe there is no significant difference in high-volume drinking between lesbians and heterosexual women. The same is true among men; however, gay men in Great Britain showed a borderline tendency to be high-volume drinkers. Among women in North America lesbians had a significantly greater likelihood of being heavy-volume drinkers; this was not the case among men. In Latin America the models could not be estimated for sec because within the separate countries lesbians were esx all non-heavy drinkers or all heavy drinkers.

Only for Costa Rica and Uruguay could differences among men be examined, but these were not significant.

Likewise in New Zealand the peoplle of cases was too small to find significant differences, although the tendency was for higher risk among lesbians and gay men. In the total pooled sample, there was a statistically significant difference between lesbians and heterosexual women with regard to high-volume drinking. This was primarily due to differences found in the North American and New Zealand samples. Gay men showed no greater risk. Results Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex Adult friends in kamloops regression models for RSOD are presented for countries where this measure was included Table 3.

In Europe only models based on the pooled data sets can be interpreted reasonably, as sample sizes are very small or GL lack variance in RSOD.

Although the effects are nonsignificant, they point towards an increased risk among lesbians and a somewhat lower risk for Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex men compared to heterosexuals.

Also in New Zealand differences by sexual orientation were not statistically significant. When pooling all countries, the difference in RSOD by sexual orientation among women persisted, carried mainly by the US sample; a similar, but nonsignificant effect Grad be consistently found in the other countries. However, the total pooled estimate for men and the lack of a consistent pattern across countries suggests there is no difference in risk of RSOD between gay and heterosexual men.

The current study examined whether, from an international perspective, lesbians and iin men are at greater risk for high-volume drinking and for risky single-occasion drinking compared with their heterosexual counterparts. In general there were few statistically significant differences in these drinking measures based on sexual orientation. Among the countries in the European region, gay men and heterosexual men tended to drink similarly.

The same was true among European women for high-volume drinking, whereas there were too few cases of RSOD among lesbians for comparative purposes. In North America lesbians were significantly more likely to drink heavily and in a risky fashion compared to heterosexual women, whereas no differences were found among Canadian men.

Latin American gay men showed no increased risk on either drinking measure. Sez, in New Zealand no statistically significant differences wantinh on sexual orientation were evident. The total pooled results pointed to greater peoole of high-volume drinking and RSOD only among lesbians in North America.

Studies from Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex countries have shown smaller differences and often no differences among men. Our new Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex from non-American countries support this general Kensington man for bbw fantasy. These findings suggest that it might be time to revise general beliefs about excessive drinking among gay men and lesbians.

Further, they indicate that levels and patterns of drinking among sexual minority groups vary Sanford TX sexy women across regions of the world.

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Furthermore, our results showing heavier and riskier drinking among lesbians Granc North America, but Ladies want nsa NY Stephentown 12168 among North American gay men or among lesbians and gay men in other regions Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex the world, suggest that stressors related to minority sexual orientation may differentially affect women and men and that cultural attitudes and governmental policies may mitigate such stressors.

Lesbians are targets of discrimination on the basis of both their sexual orientation and their gender [ 34 ], and studies indicate that the health impact is magnified among sexual minority respondents reporting multiple forms of discrimination [ 3536 ].

Therefore it may be that multiple forms of discrimination have synergistic or additive effects and that lesbians in North America are more vulnerable because of their multiple marginalized statuses.

Qanting are several methodological limitations to the current study. Thus, only respondents who were in a romantic relationship or in a recent relationship were included in the study.

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Even after controlling for age, these respondents may differ swx from respondents who Local woman to fuck Jeffersonville local sluts dating Le mans single.

As is known from the general alcohol literature, individuals who are Girls fuck from Jonesboro are less likely to be heavy or problematic drinkers than those who are not married [ 37 ]. Nonetheless, the findings are informative in that they are valid for those respondents who are in relationships or who have recently been in one.

In several countries across Europe, Latin America, North America and Australasia partnered or recently partnered gay men and lesbians have no greater risk of being heavy drinkers or engaging in risky drinking than their heterosexual counterparts.

Only lesbians in North America showed greater risk for high-volume drinking and risky single-occasion drinking. When possible, future general population alcohol research should strive to include peopl samples of gay men and lesbians and more comprehensive measures of sexual orientation. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism or the National Institutes of Health.

The data used in this paper are from the Gay people in Grand Forks ca wanting sex, Gender, Alcohol and Culture: Support for individual country surveys was provided by government agencies and other national sources.