Products We’re HYPED About!

Photo Credit: Phil Southwell

Photo Credit: Phil Southwell

Hey, Natural Hair Hypers!

Check out this page to find out which products we are using and loving these days! Learning to embrace and care for your natural hair is a process that can take many months or even years to perfect. Moreover, as your hair grows and changes, the things you may have loved in the past, may become less than favorites as time goes on. This is part of the reason that many fear going natural as there is no one right or wrong path to achieving one’s own natural hair goals.

Fortunately for you, you have access to several of the biggest hair product junkies around. Although you will still have to try them yourself (in order to see if they work for you), NHH and all relevant affiliates will do our very best to eliminate the guesswork! Is it too sticky? Too watery? Not watery enough? Too expensive? We’ll give you the lowdown on all that and more! A great way to find your next product obsession, stop here and leave suggestions of new products you think we might want to add to the collection!