5 Reasons to Try Shea Butter Today

Source: Erik (HASH) Hersman

Source: Erik (HASH) Hersman

One of the most versatile products known to man, Shea butter can clearly be used for far more than just your natural hair. Indeed, now that we are transitioning into cooler temperatures, ensuring that your hair care regimen is on point is of the utmost importance. Nevertheless, if you do not yet own this miracle remedy, this post just may change your mind. Have you been considering trying Shea butter and need a bit more information about it? Or maybe you’re clueless in terms of what products to try and just need something new to add to your regimen. Either way, the following is an overview of 5 reasons to start using Shea butter today!


For those who suffer from dandruff and or a scalp that is often itchy, Shea butter can work wonders. By using the product on your scalp at least once a week, you will begin to realize substantial results in a short period of time. In order to use, you can melt the product down by placing it over boiling water, putting a small amount in the over for a few minutes, or you can even use a double boiler. Either way, be sure to choose the method that you prefer and stay safe throughout the process. Once it has cooled, simply massage a small quantity into the scalp, massage it in, and style as normal. For more information about melting down your Shea butter, check out the tutorials below!

Softens Hair

Are you looking for a method of softening your hair without using heat or chemicals? Try Shea butter on for size! By simply mixing it with your favorite oil and massages your tresses with a small amount after you wash your hair, you will notice a significant difference in terms of how soft your tresses are.

Natural Sealant

Given that one of the top concerns for most Naturalistas is finding ways to boost or retain moisture, finding a natural sealant, or a product that helps to retain your moisture, is of the utmost importance. Whether you decide to use Shea butter alone, with a conditioner, or with your favorite leave-in, this is an excellent product to use due to its natural sealant properties.


Little known fact: Shea butter can actually help with hair growth! Although no method is foolproof, by simply massaging Shea butter into the areas of your hair that may be affected by shedding, balding, or other preexisting damage, Shea butter may help to boost your hair growth by reactivating the broken or damaged follicles in that area of your hair/ scalp.

Protects Against Heat

Lastly, in order to protect against heat and other potentially damaging elements, use Shea butter as a part of your regular hair care regimen. To use, simply melt it down and mix it with another oil with a high smoke point, such as avocado oil or argan oil, and apply a thin layer of the mixture before blow-drying or flat ironing your hair. Your hair will sustain less damage as well as appear shinier over time.

Now that you have our reasons to try Shea butter, what are you waiting for?! Unless you’re allergic (consult a physician if you believe this is the case) there is almost no reason why you shouldn’t try Shea butter! It’s not only inexpensive, but it has tons of uses in addition to helping your natural tresses stay extra fab!