7 Sizzling Protective Styles that are Perfect for Summer

In the midst of one of the most confusing springs we’ve seen in quite a while, the summer months will certainly be a welcome change. On track to be one of the most beautiful seasons we’ve seen in years, the summer of 2016 will bring on celebrations of all kinds. Nevertheless, it may be hard for your natural hair to keep up. Indeed, outside of using wigs and extensions to shield one’s own hair, the regular grooming and maintenance required to stay fierce and fabulous is a lot for anyone to handle. Are you feeling a bit knotted up about your natural hair style options for the summer? The following is a closer look at 7 sizzling protective styles that will leave you looking great and keep your hair safe all summer long.


A tried and tested style that can be shaped in an array of ways, cornrows (which you should never refer to as “Boxer braids”) are an excellent protective style that can be worn in a variety of ways. Whether it’s updo, a mohawk, a combination that includes and Afro or curls, or any other combination you can think of, cornrows are great because they stand up to humidity all while protecting the hair follicles and promoting hair growth.

Two-Strand Twists/ Twist Outs

Next, another style that has a lot of longevity, two-strand twists and twist outs are a great way to protect te hair while causing minimal damage. One of the best ways to go about rocking a twist out in the summer months is to leave it twisted on any and all days in which your hair may be exposed to excess humidity, but taking them out and rocking the crimped fro for events, dates, work, and the like. You can twist your hair every single day or you can leave the twists in for days at a time and rock the twist out for another few days. You can also style them in a number of ways, add accessories such as hats, scarves, or headbands, and really make this style your own!

Bantu Knots/ Knot Outs

Next, a summer favorite of mine, Bantu Knots are a fun way to switch up your style and protect your hair in the process. You can make them small, medium, or large in size and much like with twist outs, it is up to each Naturalista in terms of how long you choose to rock the Bantus as well as the Bantu Knot out. Either way, the Bantu Knots themselves are fun and edgy, the knot out is cute and chic. Where you choose to rock each of these is up to you.

Head Wraps

One of the easiest ways to manage your hair all year round, every Naturalista should own at least one of these! A chic way to rep your natural self as well as your heritage, head wraps are slowly becoming a more socially acceptable way of covering one’s hair in between styles.

Messy Buns

A fun and easy way to keep your hair off of your neck and out of your face, messy buns come is all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Created by combing/ brushing all of the hair towards the middle of the head and securing it with an elastic band, a messy bun is an easy way to protect your hair while on the go!

Faux Locs

Another fun style with a bit of an edge, faux locs are a style that takes a bit longer to install but is also able to last for longer as well. You can use individual extensions or crochet them over your cornrows, either way, faux locs look great and can last for weeks if not months.

Roller Set

Lastly, although many may disagree, roller sets are actually a great style for those who prefer curly hair. However, do keep in mind that you must remember to always cover your hair before getting into the shower or things like cooking, you should also be sure to cover your hair with a bonnet or satin scarf each night to prevent the style from sweating out. Either way, this is a great style for those who prefer to rock their hair in a curly style but do not want to use heat-filled methods such as flat or curling irons.

Overall, finding good styles for summer isn’t as hard as you think. Just be sure to find great products that help protect against moisture (such as oils, gels, and serums), be sure to tie your hair up each night and before showers, and as always, wash and/or condition your hair as necessary.