Styles for Summer: 7 Stunning Natural Hairstyles for the Warmer Months

The summer is finally upon us, Naturalistas! One of the greatest time to show off your natural pride, the summer months are always exciting for new and old Naturalistas alike. Are you looking for some fab styles that can stand up to the moisture in the air and still keep you looking fab all day? Relax. The following is a closer look at 7 stunning natural styles that are awesome in the summer months.


This may seem too obvious, but you’d be surprised how many natural hair enthusiasts totally ignore the afro. A fun, bold, and easy style, there is an array of ways to rock your Fro, and that’s the beauty of if. A style that has stood the test of time, rocking an Afro is simultaneously modern and vintage. Add a part, or some color, or maybe even a braid or two. You’ll look fab each time and your look will last all day long!

High Puff


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Next, a fun style that is also a bit regal, the high puff can be rocked everywhere from the club to that support important meeting at work. Quick and easy to do, the high puff is the type of style that you can create each morning in ten minutes or less.

Halo Braid

All the rage as of late, halo braids are thick, gorgeous braids that wrap around the entire head. One of the top natural styles amongst Naturalistas and even non-Naturalistas alike, this style is cute, fun, and versatile.

Pin-Up with Bangs


Next, a simple style that allows for some awesome accessories, a pin-up with bangs works no matter how long or short your hair is. Created by pinning the back of the hair up and leaving a section out in the front for a bang, You can then add a hat, scarf, bow, or any other accessory you can think of. Great for a day at the beach or a fun night out, this style will look great from beginning to end.


Although many Naturalistas fear the unpredictability of a wash-n-go, this is actually an excellent style for the summer months.Created by simply washing your hair, adding your favorite products, and heading for the door, a wash and go is the best way to embrace your own natural tresses. Some commonly used products are leave-in conditioner, curl enhancer, hair milk, curl defining gel, and much more. The point is to find the products that work the best for your hair, and let the tresses fall where they may.

Criss-Cross Top Knot(ch)- AKA ‘Ninja Bun’

Similar to a bun, a top not is when you essentially gather all of your hair to form a not towards to front of your head. A beautiful style that lasts all day, it is called a “crisscross” notch because you cross your hair in order to secure to knot (or bun,if you prefer) at the top of your head.



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Lastly, give your hair a total break and wrap your head up either entirely or partially. Using a headwrap is a fun, easy way to show your natural pride without actually having to put tons of effort into styling it. Simply start with a ponytail, Afro, braids, or whatever style you wish, and wrap your hair until it looks perfect to you.

Overall, there are so many styles that can be worn in the summer, there will likely be a part two to this. Nevertheless, to get you started, check out some of our favorite tutorials below!

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