Protective Styles We Love: Two Strand Twists

Protective Style: Two Strand Twists

Function: Protect Hair and Lock in Moisture

Difficulty Level: Easy

Another go-to protective style for Naturalistas from all walks of life, wearing your hair in two-strand twists is a great way to look great while locking in your much-needed moisture and protecting your natural tresses.

The Natural Nuts and Bolts 

In addition to being a great looking and protective style, two strand twists are fairly easy to install. While braiding is a more intricate process and can be a difficult skill for many Naturalistas to master, two strand twists are fairly easy to learn and they quickly become easier to do over time.

In a nutshell, two strand twists are the same as single braids, only, you will use two strands of hair instead of three. Moreover, it is important to note that, although you can begin with wet or damp hair, you will likely want to start with dry, stretched hair as these are subject to significant shrinkage. You then decide what size you would like for your twists to be. You can do jumbo twists, regular sized twists, or mini twists. (Jumbo twists are excellent for twist outs, mini twists are great if you plan to keep them in, and regular sized twists can go either way.)

  1. You will then part your hair into four sections, detangle each section, and secure each section with an elastic band.
  2. Then, with each section, you will part them into smaller sections (based on the twist size you have selected) and apply the product of your choosing. You can choose from products such as lock and twist gel, Shea butter, or even curl enhancing leave-in.
  3. Taking a pea sized amount of the product, you will work it into each small section before beginning your twist.
  4. After this, beginning at the root, you will separate each section into two smaller sections and twist the section from top to bottom.  In addition, If you are having trouble with puffiness around your roots, you may begin the twist as a braid and switch over to the two strand twist once it has been secured.

Two Strand Maintenance 

In order to keep your two strand twists looking great, you should oil them every day with your favorite oil and tie them down with a satin scarf. Two strand twists can easily last a week or two if properly cared for. In addition to that, once you are tired of your twists, you can loosen them and wear a twist out! Moreover, keep in mind this is also a style that can be used to start dreadlocks. While this certainly takes a while to unfold, it is not wise to keep them in for more than a few weeks at a time, unless, of course, you are trying to lock your hair.

Overall, two strand twists are fun and easy to install. They not only protect your hair and promote growth, but they will also leave you looking like a fiercely proud Naturalista. Ready to get started?! Check out some of our fave tutorials below!